Developing Resources for Dzongkha Handwritten Digit Recognition


  • Manoj Chhetri
  • Lily Gurung
  • Parshu Ram Dhungyel



dzongkha digit recognition, OCR, handwritten digit dataset, dzongkha digits


Machine learning engineers usually have access to large corpus of data related to their field of study. Unfortunately for researchers studying topics specific to Bhutan, face issue of acute shortage of data or complete lack of it. This paper showcases a part of our project which aims to create a machine learning model to recognize dzongkha handwritten digits. The project is funded by Annual university Research Grant 2022. There are no dzongkha handwritten datasets that we can use for our study hence as a part of our project we had to first develop the dataset to train our model. We were successful in creating the dataset which now consists of 25000 images with 2500 different images per class. The dataset will be used in future to train and create the recognition model as part of our project. The dataset will be then uploaded to GitHub and will be available to future researchers.



How to Cite

Chhetri, M., Gurung, L., & Dhungyel, P. R. (2023). Developing Resources for Dzongkha Handwritten Digit Recognition. Zorig Melong- A Technical Journal of Science, Engineering and Technology, 8(1).